Sunday, 5 April 2015

Double zigzag bobbin lace panel

I have finally finished a bobbin lace panel I started working on about a month ago. The pattern was from a website called Jo Edkins bobbin lace school. It has lots of lovely free bobbin lace patterns and easy to understand cartoons of the stitches. The pattern is named 'another double zigzag' and consists of torchon ground, rose ground, triangle ground, whole stitch, half stitch and spiders. It gave me a chance to have a go at a few patterns I had not tried before. I especially enjoyed the rose ground. I  am planning to use this piece to add interest to a bag, but I am still not sure yet. I am now working on a crinoline lady and plan to make a swan. 

Here is how it looked when I was making it. 30 pairs of bobbins was a bit of a handful! 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Easter Chicken

We did a chicken making class with Nina at Drayton patchwork and quilters for easter. Nina's chicken was amazing, so I wanted to have a go. My chicken was not quite as good as Nina's but I had loads of fun in the class making it. I made it for my friend Sarah as she absolutely loves chickens! I love the shape of the body, so cute! The main body is foundations pieced and quilted using fancy stitches on my machine. Great fun.

Here she is, Happy Easter!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Cardigan for Darcie part 2

This is the second little cardigan I have knitted for my cousins daughter Darcie. The pattern is called relish by Kim Hargreaves from a book called Rowan Babies. I used Patons FAB varigated yarn, I adore the colours. The pattern was easy to follow although the sticky out bits on the cuffs and bottom of the cardigan were time consuming. This is knitted in size 2-3 years, ready for Darcie when she gets a bit bigger. For more details see my ravelry page.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Cardigan for Darcie part 1

I wanted to knit a couple of cardigans for my cousins, daughter Darcie. The first pattern I wanted to try out is Maytime by Kim Hargreaves from a book called Rowan babies. It is knitted in James Brett supreme gentle 4ply. I am not a fan of acrylic but this one knits up well, it's really soft. It's a lovely combination of crochet and knit. I loved using crochet edging instead of picking up lots of knit stitches. For more details of the pattern and yarn see my Ravelry page

I love the crocheted picket edging around the neck and sleeves...

It was great fun making the little granny squares!

I love knitting small people's clothes, they are so cute!
I will follow this up with the second cardigan from the same pattern book, watch this space...

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Needle case with pockets

I was fed up of keeping my packets of needles seperate from the loose ones I keep needle case so I decided to make a new needle case with pockets so I could keep them altogether. I like keeping new ones in the boxes as it has all the info on sizes etc on the little box.

I layered up organza, did some decorative stitching with silver thread and used a soldering iron to make holes in the fabris so you could see the black organza. The pages are made of felt and the labels are sewn on the machine. I bound the edges using standard quilt technique and added a zip to make sure the needle boxes did not fall out. Finally I added some beads to the front. They were sewn by hand using invisible thread. I neatened end the edges of a little piece of ribbon with a soldering iron, a great tip if you need to stop ribbon from fraying. The ribbon was used as a zip tag to make it easier to hold the zip. I am really pleased with it!









Saturday, 28 February 2015

Rainshine at the Moulin Rouge

I bought this pattern as a ebook of 5 patterns called the close to you collection from Boo Knits on Ravelry. I absolutely love all the patterns in this ebook! This pattern is called Rainshine. I have made it in a deep red hence the name Moulin Rouge. The Yarn is from Solstice yarns, it is called Rivendell lace, consisting of 55% Blue faced leicester and 45% Silk. The colourway is called Dark secret, a gorgeous tone of very deep red with a hint of shading which gives it depth. This was a gift from my friend Tillytrout, Thanks Tilly! The pattern was so easy to follow. I would definitely knit it again! I used 70 grams of the 100 gram skein, so I still have some of this scrummy yarn left. Here it is...

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Messing about with free motion

I have been having a play with some of the free motion quilting patterns I have seen on Leah days website. She has so many different ideas for free motion patterns on the website, it is amazing! Here are some of the samples I have been making. These are not proper projects just little tests to see what I can do. I can use them as a reference later for ideas on what patterns to quilt. 

This is my favourite, it was quite time consuming but I am pleased with the end product.

I want to try the 'microcropic world' design, which insists of circles and tiny tiny vermicelli, next!